About Me

When I'm not capturing memories for other people, I'm a boy mama to two and a wifey-to-be.

I use too many exclamation marks and heart emoji's, absolutely adore dogs, have a song lyric or TikTok quote for absolutely anything and 90% of the time you can guarantee I am being fuelled purely by coffee.

(My go-to Starbucks order: Venti Iced Latte w/ extra shot of coffee cus' I know you're dying to know)

Photos With Feeling

Unfortunately, I am aware first hand of how short life can be, and how important photos become when they are all you have left. Because of this, I aim for authenticity in my work. I want honest, I want real. I want my images to tell a story of who the people in them are and what their relationship is. Life is short. So let's grab it by the horns and capture it before it passes before our very eyes!


Whilst my name is plastered all over this business/website and I primarily handle lifestyle sessions and the admin/social media side of things... I'm excited to share the limelight at weddings with my talented Fiancé, Alex. Together, we form a dynamic team which combines our individual talents to provide an unforgettable wedding photography experience, using our collaborative approach to ensure that no moment is missed. Find out more about our approach to weddings HERE

When he's not with me capturing weddings, Alex can be found plunging in icy waters (...think Wim Hof), hiking mountains in all weathers, fussing our beautiful Border Collie named Nala, or taking on any craft or skill presented to him. He is one of those really annoying people who picks something up straight away and excels with it. I will say though (and he'd never own up to it...) he is pretty impartial to a little High School Musical in the car on the way to weddings!

Not that he has a choice!

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