About Me

I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Staffordshire, right in the heart of Cannock Chase! When I'm not capturing memories for other people, I'm a boy mama to two and a wifey-to-be.

I use too many exclamation marks, absolutely adore dogs and most definitely fist pump the air when I get "the shot". You can also be certain that on my way to your session I will have most likely belted out about 20 Disney or musical theatre songs.

Photos With Feeling

I am aware first hand of how short life can be, and how important photos become when they are all you have left. Because of this, I aim for authenticity in my work. I want honest, I want real. I want my images to tell a story of who the people in them are and what their relationship is. I want the cheeky personalities of the little humans that seems stressful in the moment but when looked back on in a year or two, make you laugh. Life is short. So let's grab it by the horns and capture it before it passes before our very eyes!


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