It's incredibly important you find someone whose work you LOVE - but we believe it is just as important you find someone who will bring out the best of who you are in your photos! After all, your wedding day is going to be an amazing celebration - as well as somebody who can deliver quality photographs, you're most likely going to want a photographer who is fun to be around, and with us you get TWO!

Having two photographers capture your day is a great way of ensuring you have every part of your wedding day covered; nobody will be able to shed a tear, break a laugh or bust a move without us capturing it to remember forever!

As a couple of many years ourselves (soon to be married also!) we work together professionally like a well oiled ship, always one step ahead of the other and we seriously love to capture weddings together! (To the point we haven't even started thinking about our own yet!) We're always up for a laugh, and can often be found chasing sunsets (and ice-cream vans). Give us a good photo spot and we can truly get lost for hours.

We would be thrilled if you were to consider us for your big day! What we offer is a relaxed reportage style coverage of your wedding day, capturing the magic and memory as it unfolds, alongside all of the big and small details so that you are free to enjoy your day as it flies before you very eyes, and relive it all over again and again.

There are a couple of times when we may take a little control with prompting which will be during the group formal session and the Bride & Groom session, wherein we do aim to use prompts which are as natural as possible and compliment the personalities of each individual couple.

Please get in touch to see if we are available for your big day,

we would absolutely love to hear from you!